Ballooning Cappodocia

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  • Central Anatolia, Turkey
  • Cappodocia aka. Kapadokya
  • Best time to go > Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September to November)

Cappodocia is the most magical place in the World to go hot air ballooning, with incredible blue skies all year round with jaw dropping scenery everywhere you turn. Rise before sunrise to gently drift above majestic “fairy chimney” rock formations which have been home to people for thousands of years. The trip will leave you speechless and with the knowledge that you experienced something truly wonderful. 

What to expect?

How to get there?
  • BUS > connection in Nevsehir or direct from:

Istanbul, Trabzon, Alanya, Konya, Canakkale, Van, Kayseri, Denizli, Selçuk, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum & Çıralı.

Offered by the following bus companies:

Suha, Metro, Nevsehirliler, Goreme Tourism & Göreme Cappadocia.

  • PLANE > nearest airports: Kayseri (ASR) or Nevsehir (NAV)

Istanbul (SAW & IST) > Kayseri (ASR)

Turkish Airlines, Atlasglobal, Onur Air, Pegasus 

Istanbul (SAW & IST) > Nevsehir (NAV)

Turkish Airlines & Pegasus

Izmir (ADB) > Kayseri (ASR)

Sun Express & Pegasus


The delightful village of Göreme is the ideal place to begin your Cappodocia adventure. It has plenty of companies offering hot-air balloon rides and has an abundance of accommodation and restaurant options for all tastes. 


Evil Eyes (Nazar Boncugu) > Gorgeous amulets which keep bad vibes away

Carpets > Excellent quality and locally sourced

Hand Painted Plates > Unique and beautifully designed

Terracotta Pottery > Superbly crafted by skilled craftspeople


Gozleme > Many different varieties of sweet or savoury pancakes

Manti > Meat dumplings in yogurt mixed with spices aka. Turkish Ravioli


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Rose Valley
  • One of the most popular hikes in the area (3-4 hours)

1. Start at Begenal Supermarket, Goreme

2. Head north along Bilal Eroglu Road

3. Turn left at the sign: “Güllüdere” entering Rose Valley

4. Enjoy the incredible scenery

5. Turn right at the end of the trail

6. Pass Kaya Camping & Kaya Balloons

7. Pass Goreme Open Air Museum

8. Follow road back into Goreme.

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Pigeon & Love Valleys
  • Get two hikes for one! Visiting formations infamous the World over! (4-5 hours)

1. Start at Goreme Bus Station

2. Head west passing the ATMs

3. Walk until the sign: “Güvercinlik”

4. Follow “Güvercinlik” path into Pigeon Valley

5. Admire the beautiful Pigeon Valley

6. Head towards Uchisar Castle

7. Enter Uchisar Village (End of Pigeon Valley)

8. Head north, following the signs to Goreme

9. Take a left at the sign: “Bağlıdere Vadisi” into Love Valley

10. Be intrigued by the unique chimneys of Love Valley

11. Turn right and follow the signs to Goreme

12. Join the main Goreme road back into the village


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