Icefields Parkway

  • Alberta Province, Canada
  • Highway 93 aka. Icefields Parkway
  • 266km of breathtaking scenery

Situated¬†at the eastern entry point of the Canadian Rockies is one of the national treasures of Canada: The Icefields Parkway. Winding through both Jasper and Banff National Park, the road will take you to some of the best sights in Canada. It is one of the most incredible roads you’ll ever drive on and one that will stay imprinted on your mind long after you’ve left it.

(The letters A-F correspond to the points on the map.)

A: Jasper

A charming & bustling mountain town at the northern most point of Icefields Parkway. A great place to pick up valuable supplies, fill up the tank and set off on an unforgettable road trip.

B: Athabasca Falls

The sheer force of water is something that can only described as silencing out everything else around you. A truly hypnotising experience and one that fills one with energy and excitement for the journey ahead.

C: Columbia Icefield

The stunning expanse of ice is the biggest in all of North America. It feels as if the world has gone through another ice age as the bitter chill is impossible to escape. Remember warm clothes and your camera.

D: Parkers Ridge

An excellent hike just after entering Banff National Park. Quite a modest climb but rewarded with incredible views of the Saskatchewan Glacier and the surrounding valleys.

E: Mistaya Canyon

Chill out and watch time pass by whilst enjoying the Mistaya River flow calmly besides you. An easy hike from Icefields Parkway and an excellent place to take a step back and be in nature.

F: Waterfowl Lake

The awesome shade of jade will entice you towards it and maybe even make you want to jump in! It can be seen from a far and once it gets closer, feel compelled to stop and admire its beauty.

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