Gorgeous Georgian


Nestled in the Caucasus is the gorgeous country of Georgia. It has got the highest mountains in Europe, the 12th best rugby team in the world & also some great slang phrases. Many thanks to Nino, Katie and Levan Tsakadze for their contributions on this post.


1. Gamitkda



used when you’re disappointed

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If you’re disappointed by something, use Gamitkda to air your frustrations.

2. Jigari har, ra!

Jigari har, ra!

“You are a heart of a pig!”

used to praise someone

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Even though Jigari har, ra! translates interestingly, it is used to show appreciation of someone’s kindness towards you.

3. Ras Chalichob?

 Ras Chalichob?

“What have you been up to?”

used when you’re making small talk

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Georgians use Ras Chalichob? at the beginning of conversations.

4. Mevasebi


“I like you” or “I love you”

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The phrase Mevasebi is used to show your appreciation of someone.

5. Ghadaob?


“Are you kidding?”

used when you don’t believe it!

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When you’re shocked at what someone is saying, it’s just unbelievable! React with Ghadaob to show you’re surprised.

6. Azrze har?

Azrze har?

“Can you imagine”

used when something is quite unbelievable

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Use Azerze har? in situations when you are expressing your surprise at something

7. Bazari Araa

Bazeri Araa

“There’s no market place!”

used when you completely agree with a suggestion

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Georgians use Bazari araa! when they were thinking that same thing.

8. Au gaastsora, ra!

Au gaastsora, ra!

“Oh that made it straight!”

used when you have had a great time

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When you’ve had the time of your life & want to express your joy use au gaastsora, ra!

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