The Weltenbummler

Philipp decided to quit his job as a wholesaler in Cologne, Germany, pack his bags and head to Asia. We caught up with Philipp in Munnar, India where he spoke about the reasons for deciding to leave his comfortable life in Germany and what his time as a ‘Weltenbummler‘.

“In order to change my life, I need to experience difficulties in order to grow”

Quitting Germany

Working for the same company in Cologne for six years was boring & it felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere. Life was too easy for me. It was turning into a habit and I would save money each month, but for what? I decided that it was important for me to be in a position where I had nothing in order to develop as a person so I decided to leave my comfortable life.

Why Asia?

Asia was chosen because culturally, it’s so different to Germany. I had developed an interest in meditation & obviously, day to day living is cheaper over here. I knew that Asia would be the perfect place to get me out of my comfort zone.

Overcoming Culture Shock

In Germany, I had heard stories about India, people told me not to go & that it would be challenging. I was determined to grow & to make my comfort zone bigger so I adopted a new attitude. Having a more open mindset helps me to overcome challenges like culture shock. Also, asking people for help if I need it and stay calm when challenges come my way.


You know, I need pressure in my life in order to become a better human being. Pressure pushes me to improve & to develop myself. In order to change my life, I need to experience difficulties in order to grow.. & to reach Nepal before the monsoon!

Best Memories 

For me, treating each day as a new day is the best thing about being here, I feel like a new born. My expectation of Dharavi in Mumbai which is one of the world’s largest slums was totally changed when I arrived. I found people living there were so incredibly warm, welcoming and happy which made that experience really stand out, as one of the best memories of this trip so far.

“Having a more open mindset helps me to overcome challenges”


  • Be open to change & allow it to happen
  • See each day as a new day
  • Have an open mindset to new experiences & challenges

Find out more…

Philipp’s YouTube Channel (he keeps us updated on his adventures around Asia)


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