An Entrepreneur

In today’s article on we meet entrepreneur Danish. He describes himself as a good combination of Indian mentality mixed with the passion of Arabic culture. Danish talks about his entrepreneurial journey so far & what he is looking to do in the future in Georgia.

“Unless you lose, you wont have a balanced experience of life”


Right now, I am involved in events management company in Muscat, Oman called Spirals Group. As the director of the company, I am using my 15 years of experience in the industry to try & attract big musical artists to the country. I hope this puts Oman on the map as a destination for these kinds of events.

The Learning Curve

Everyone starts somewhere & I started out wearing Mickey Mouse costumes at events! I’d volunteer at first & then later I found there was some demand, so I began to rent these costumes out in Muscat. Obviously, I went into other things too & that’s where I really learnt. I organised a big event which I lost a lot of money from. I learnt how to do things from it & the understanding that unless you lose, you wont have a balanced experience of life.

Opportunity Knocks

Georgia is a beautiful & peaceful country. It’s a developing economy which is mostly unexplored with loads of potential. In the capital city Tbilisi, I have noticed a gap in the market for a restaurant with low budget accommodation. It’s appealing because as a foreigner, the Georgian government have made it easier for outside investment with less restrictions, such as no local sponsor requirement & easy visa processes. I love it as the food is great, the cost of living is low & there are developing tourist areas.

“Everyone starts somewhere & I started out wearing Mickey Mouse costumes at events!”

Spice Trader

It sounds like a cliche I know but I am waiting on a sample for Georgian customers. The previous sample was too spicy & I know the spice needs to be adapted to Georgian tastes. They aren’t used to having that much spice in their cuisine.

Breaking Barriers

The biggest challenge I face in Georgia is the language barrier. I don’t find the language easy & the grammar is tough. However, by attending language classes I know I can work on my Georgian over the next few years. The Georgian friends who speak English have been so helpful during negotiations by translating for me & giving me help when I need it. I am young and full of energy & living what I call my ‘golden age’, so I have a passion for what I am doing.


  • Work hard now & it will pay off later
  • Change how you think about loss, see it as experience instead & you’ll feel way better
  • If you have a passion for anything, use it to go for what you want
  • When you have lost already, you know how to do it better the next time

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