Hilarious Hindi

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In India, Hindi is seen as the official language so it’s useful to know some if you decide to travel through this incredible country or watch a Bollywood film. Like most northern Indian languages, Hindi is influenced mainly by Sanskrit, Arabic &¬†Persian due to the Mughal invasion of India.

Many thanks to Nina Kumari, Abhishek Bajaj & Sandeep Sharma for their time & great contributions to this post on Hilarious Hindi.

1. Hey Bhagwan

oh god

used when you’re in a difficult situation

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Most languages have a phrase where people look above in times of need, Hindi is no exception. ‘Hey Bhagwan‘ comes in handy when you’re looking for a solution to a problem that is hanging over you.

2. Bhains Ki Aankh!

buffalo’s eye!

use it when the unexpected happens

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In India, there are cows, oxen and buffaloes everywhere so there is no surprise to see slang involving one of them. Use ‘Bhains Ki Aankh!‘ when something just jumps out at you and takes you by surprise.

3. Kabab Mein Haddi!

bone in chicken!

used when you get an uninvited guest

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This can happen in many different situations & usually we are lost for words. However in Hindi you don’t need to be! Someone shows up, tags along or appears unexpectedly, remember to use ‘Kabab Mein Haddi!

4. Arre Ja Na

go away!

used when someone is annoying you

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We all get bothered by people from time to time and sometimes a phrase can come in handy. Use ‘Arre Ja Na‘ when someone needs to get out of your space!

5. Dimag Ka Dahi Mat Ka

don’t make a curd out of my brain!

used when someone confuses you

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This phrase is used when someone confuses you at a time when you have so much to do already. Use ‘Dimag Ka Dahi Mat Ka‘ when the last thing you need is another thing on your plate!

  • Gagan Deol

    These slangs are really helpful.
    Learning Hindi bit by bit.
    Keep up the good work.