Pukka Punjabi

Punjabi is found in the Indo-European language family. The language influenced a lot by Sanskrit, Persian & Arabic. Punjabi is mostly spoken in the Punjab states of India & Pakistan. Migration to mainly Canada, the USA, Australia & the UK has seen Punjabi grow into the 10th most widely spoken language in the world, with over 100 million speakers.

Many thanks to Gagan Deol for her patience & great contributions to ‘Pukka Punjabi.’ Enjoy the article!

1. Pindu Sala


stupid villager!

used when someone is being an idiot


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This slang is used when someone acts or says something without thinking it through, just like a ‘Pindu Sala.

2. Waddu Teriyan Lattan


I’ll break your legs!

used to warn someone jokingly


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There are many times when someone gets on your nerves. Use ‘Waddu Teriyan Lattan when you’re about to give someone a little warning.

3. Raula Pe Gya


it got noisy!

used to spread a rumour


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In Punjabi, when rumours are being spread about something or someone, you’ll hear the phrase ‘Raula Pe Gya.

4. Oye Hoye



used to express surprise


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If something comes unexpectedly, as a surprise or a bit of a shock… it’s time to use ‘Oye Hoye!

5. Akh De Ishare


the message is in the eyes

used when something is communicated through the eyes


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There are times when a look says it all & words don’t need to be spoken. ‘Akh De Ishare‘ is used in Punjabi when the eyes say it all.

6. Chak De Fatte


pick up the planks!

used to encourage someone


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When someone needs a little push & is a little bit apprehensive about doing something.. it’s time to break out ‘Chak De Fatte!

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