Ashutosh Joshi: Photographer

Now, here’s a talent for you. Ashutosh Joshi is a brilliant young photographer from India. He loves all kinds of art forms, but his passion is indeed in photography. He likes picking up the subjects & topics that interest him the most or have some deep connection with his past. Most of the work he has done till now is in a way an expression of his freedom. You can see some of his work titled ‘Variance’ below, along with his own reasoning behind the project.



Being born in a country like India which is bustling with an aura or colors, some kids are devoid of them. Due to lack or absence of pigments (melanin) in hair, eyes & skin, these children get cast out from the society. These partially blind albino boys from the Pune Blind School in Pune, India come together to learn a unique set of skills to survive & to be part of the society. Taking into account the recent killing of Albinos in African countries, I made these portrait series to show the real beauty of these kids.



While studying in Pune, India. I came across few of my friends who were from African countries like Nigeria, Kenya & Namibia. After spending quite a fair amount of time with them, I started realizing the problems they were facing in their own countries. I understood why they felt a need to flee from their mother-land & pursue an education here in India. I thought of making some artwork with them. So in this work of mine titled ‘Variance,’ I wanted to take a Fine-Art approach to this particular project. I wanted to show the elements of struggle in Africa in a minimal & vague way.